Tips for First Time Visitors to the Statue of Liberty

Tips for First Time Visitors to the Statue of Liberty

The iconic national monument is one of the most majestic attractions of New York. It sees the maximum number of visitors during the summer, due to the breezy Liberty Island cruise and the bright climate. Tourists wish to experience a piece of history and get a gorgeous view of NYC here. No wonder in 2019 alone, the Statue of Liberty was visited by 4.24 million people, according to figures released by Statista. If you are visiting the monument for the first time, here are a few general tips for a memorable experience.

Save Time

To truly appreciate its glory, take a boat trip from Liberty Island, from where you can observe the structure closely and even climb on top of the crown, according to an article by US Local Guide. However, this entire process can be quite lengthy, due to the ferry crowds. So, either have at least 1-2 hours extra in hand, visit during the week or consider booking tickets in advance to avoid waiting in long lines.

Bring a Picnic Lunch

The official Statue of Liberty Cafeteria offers delicious meals at affordable rates. But, if you strictly wish to stay within budget, consider bringing snacks from home. There are plenty of free fountains here to fill water. Make sure to carry empty bottles, since the summer heat might be dehydrating. This way, you can have a fun picnic at Ellis Island.

Dress Appropriately

The entire tour could last for up to 2 hours. So, if you see the weather warming up, consider preparing for the sun. Apply enough sunscreen and carry shades to protect yourself. Also, wear comfortable shoes, since you will have to climb the statue and go up and down the boat ramps. Lastly, wear light breathable clothes to avoid uncomfortable situations. Dress warmly in winters to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Arrive Early

It is recommended to come at least 40 minutes prior to your time slot and get in the security check line as soon as you up pick the tickets, according to an article by Wanderlusting K. The tickets are extremely time sensitive. So, choose the right one that will ensure that you do not miss your reservations due to traffic or other delays. However, they do have rescheduling or 24 hour cancellation options for convenience.

There are lockers available to store your belongings. So, feel free to carry all the essential stuff, especially if you are travelling with children. Following these basic guidelines will help you make the most of your visit.

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