A Simple Guide to Make the Most of an All-Inclusive Resort

A Simple Guide to Make the Most of an All-Inclusive Resort

Resorts are a great value for a vacation for numerous reasons. The best ones in Atlantic City come with a traditional all-inclusive package. It means accommodation, food and drinks and entertainment and activities are included in your stay. You can take advantage of the loyalty programs for rich perks and discounts on your next trips. Studies have found that 72% of all Americans prefer resorts over a holiday due to on-site bars and dining (31%), better facilities (37%) and more people available for service (32%). Visitors may hesitate to pay a whopping booking price initially, but the luxurious amenities make up for the cost.

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The global hotel and resort industry sector was at $1.52 trillion in 2019 and is forecasted to reach $1.06 trillion in 2022. This is because they are popular across the country for a staycation with friends and family reunions. You can unwind, pamper, and rejuvenate yourself for an exotic stress-free getaway. But one must know how to maximize the unique features so that you do not feel let down and ensure it is worth every penny spent. Here’s how.

1. Try New Cuisines

Consider getting out of your comfort zone to eat new foods. A good resort is most likely to have a top-notch diverse menu to celebrate different occasions. Look for seafood (crabs and lobsters), steakhouse staples, signature smoothies and cocktails and Spanish desserts. Check out the different restaurants inside the resort as well for unique culinary masterpieces. Make sure to check the happy hour specials for a complete experience.

2. Cool by the Pool

Lounging by the pool or participating in pool parties with sought-after DJs and global performers are activities that you may not do frequently. Look for a pool with special VIP sections, smart lockers, QR codes and hand sanitizing stations. These can ensure you are able to have a safe and secure time and a well-deserved break. Book bungalows with private pool options where you can fully loosen yourself without interruptions. Cold water swimming pools offer unique hydrotherapy that can deepen your sleep and boost energy too.

3. Be an Insider

This is a smart way to enjoy exclusive benefits, promotions and offers and instant access to dining events, spa specials and best suite rates. Studies found that 61% of guests usually sign up for loyalty programs. Look for a resort that will also provide discounts on future room bookings for an affordable stay experience. Try to upgrade your program from time to time for an opportunity to earn valuable rewards.

All you should have to do is fill their online enrolment form and submit to receive emails. Loyal clients are what hotels strive for since they provide a sense of instant gratification. In return, the staff make you feel extra welcome and appreciated.

4. Go for a Spa

This is one of the best ways to soothe both your mind and body. If your resort has a bathhouse and a spa facility, try not to miss it. The occupancy rate of spa treatment rooms in the US luxury hotels was 72% and upscale hotels registered a 67% rate. A single session alone is therapeutic and result-oriented for both outer and inner well-being.

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The top benefits of soaking in a hot tub are muscle relaxation, anxiety and pain relief and calorie burn. Studies have found that Americans routinely visit the spa to relax, and the US spa industry reported 173 million visitors in 2021. So go ahead and indulge to reap the health benefits.

5. Concerts and Musical Shows

An all-inclusive resort is bound to have exhilarating live musical events. Enjoy a world-class experience at premier venues with comfortable seating and excellent visuals. These usually cost a lot of money otherwise. But you may get deals at much lower prices if you buy a comprehensive stay package. Check what the resort has on its calendar for that week to be able to choose your favorite band or music artist. You may also look for comedy shows for a good laugh over drinks with loved ones.

All-inclusive facilities are now dominating the hotel industry. Demand for the same is surging with an occupancy recovery of 77% in Mexico and the Dominican Republic in March 2022 post the pandemic. So, learn how to make the best of your resort stay and appreciate the amazing opportunities offered instead of simply relaxing.

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