5 Pleasant Ways to Spend Time at Laguna Beach City, California

5 Pleasant Ways to Spend Time at Laguna Beach City, California

Laguna Beach is a picturesque coastal destination in Southern California. Despite its small size, the beach is lined with world class attractions and outdoor activities. Offering the perfect blend of nature, art and relaxation, it attracted 6.3 million visitors in 2016 alone. Lovingly called Treasure Island Beach, cliffs and coves make it a romantic getaway, with a mesmerizing view of the Pacific Ocean, according to an article by US Local Guide.

If you too are looking forward to spending a weekend at Laguna Beach, here are a few fun things to explore in this scenic town.

1. Crystal Cove State Park

This magnificent shoreline can be accessed from the Pacific Coast Highway. You can go hiking at the 17 miles trail, witness native California plants and geological formations and head over to the pristine beach, according to an article by The Culture Trip. Tourists also enjoy sunbathing, snorkeling, camping, scuba diving, fishing and swimming here.

2. Shopping Stores

The beach is filled with over 100 art galleries and boutiques. Take your pick from a huge collection of souvenirs, candles, clothes, skincare products and unique décor items. The best places to shop here are Fawn Memories, The Soul Project and Amenah.

3. Pacific Mammal Center

This specialty center is the first of its kind, known to rescue and rehabilitate injured mammals. After caring for them for about 3 months, the mammals are released back into the ocean. You can spend time with sea lions, elephant seals and harbor seals here. If you are traveling with kids, consider participating in the informative education programs.

4. The Local Cuisine

Like most of California, Laguna Beach boasts endless dining options. Top restaurants here are Mozambique, Driftwood Kitchen, Orange Inn and 230 Forest Avenue, serving fresh seafood and seasonal items, according to information shared on Lonely Planet. You can also savor a wide variety of craft beer and homemade wines here. In case you visit during the summer, don’t forget to reserve your table beforehand.

5. The Tide Pools

To get a sneak peek into the underwater world, consider visiting the tide pools. They offer a truly memorable experience of spotting colorful marine life. Be careful of the rocks, since the waves might crash quite drastically. The best time to visit is during the low tide. Ensure not to touch the fish, crabs, sea stars, rocks or shells here, since the pools are protected zones.

Laguna Beach has no dirth of adventures simply waiting for you to explore. Art museums, parks, galleries and playhouses here offer beautiful memories to go home with.

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