Spicing Up Your First Holiday Season After Retirement: A Brief Guide

Spicing Up Your First Holiday Season After Retirement: A Brief Guide

The first year of retirement can be a confusing time to navigate for many. Having worked for your entire life, you might have thought taking time off to enjoy the little things in life is the best decision. If you still feel like it, congratulations on being able to relax finally. On the other hand, if you are having second thoughts about your retirement, the holiday season can be tough on you. Being a time that already takes a lot out of people, the holiday season can both amplify and soothe the worries you have.

Getting to the Root of It

Mental health in older people is a rather overlooked concept. Especially when you make a drastic change in your life, moving from being a working individual to a retired one, certain anxieties and emotions are bound to bubble up. The best thing you can do in your newfound free time is to work on yourself. Work with a mental health expert to resolve all the conflicts in your mind. Along with this, there are several activities you can do to take the edge off.

Making Holidays as a Retiree Exciting

As you begin retired life, numerous people tell you the same thing: keep an eye on your spending. While this is solid advice, hearing too much of it can make you rethink every expenditure you make. So here are some ideas for you to change up how you celebrate the holiday season.

Decorations from Scratch

The season’s spirits don’t hit the right spot until all the fancy decorations are in place. When in the past you might have walked into a store and just picked whatever the salesperson recommended or left the decoration entirely to another family member, take some time to enjoy decorating your house for the holidays now. Try to look for novel ways to make the house look cheerful. Having something like this keeping your hands busy and your mind working can prevent you from ruminating and spiraling.

Making your own decorations is a fun way to add an element of kitsch. If you need more convincing, making your decorations is a way to cut down costs. You can stay away from impulsive decorations shopping if you are making your own popcorn garland and Christmas wreath. You can also make this a family bonding session. Spending time with people who matter to you is an effective way to beat the holiday blues.


If the prospect of hosting family does not appear inviting this season, there is no reason why you should. As someone who just retired, you can make travel plans whenever you want. For a significant portion of the population, the cold, dreary weather triggers less-than-pleasant thoughts. Since you are retired, go for a staycation.

Find a nice hotel with interesting amenities and spend a few days there. You will be surprised at the difference that a few days of pampering can make. Especially if you get time to catch some Vitamin D and maybe a massage, you will feel at ease.

Handmade and Homemade

Working full-time for almost two or three decades and then waking up one day with nothing to do can be a jarring experience. This is why people are switching to a smooth retirement process rather than just stopping work one day. If all the extra time you have on your hands is troubling you, keep those hands busy and make the most of it.

From holiday treats to decorations and gifts, you can get a head start on making them all with your own hands. Starting a project of such a scale will call for time and energy, so prepare a holiday list ahead to make sure that you are not overexerting yourself. Be it a care package for someone in college or cookies to serve during a holiday party, handmade and homemade goodies and treats make everyone feel loved.

Giving Back to the World

It will be a surprise if volunteering has not come up in conversation or in your mind before, especially during the holidays. There are numerous nonprofit organizations and soup kitchens that would love an extra set of hands during the holidays. You can always browse and choose a cause you believe in and divert all your apprehensive energy there. Working with less privileged people often provides perspective like no other.

Summing It Up

As a new retiree; holidays can be overwhelming. It might take some planning and preparation for a great holiday that is emotionally pleasant, financially wise, and truly satisfying. Ask for help if you need it and prioritize being with people who make you feel good. If you don’t feel up to grand celebrations, you can always call for smaller celebrations.

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