Top American Colleges for Distance Education

Top American Colleges for Distance Education

Distance learning is an excellent way to fulfil your educational aspirations. It is economical and opens up the door to international courses as well. American students today prefer online degree programs, mostly at local universities, for flexibility and accessibility, according to an article on Study Portals. You can continue with your learning, even after you become a parent or while working, since studies show that the average age of enrolled students is such programs in the 30s.

If you are looking to complete your education or add another degree to your name, here’s where you can enroll.

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College

This is a state-supported, community based coeducational college. They offer outstanding technical and academic programs at affordable fees. If you are interested in courses in Arts or Science, LBWCC offers a host of subjects related to these streams too. The faculty here aims to help students reach their education goals, without having to compromise on work or family time.

New York University

Founded way back in 1831, this university has been preserving its tradition of academic excellence for almost two centuries now. The teaching staff here focus on learning and discovering innovative ways to make education efficient. The distance learning courses here include a wide range of subjects. You can enroll yourself in Humanities, Social Sciences, Journalism and Media, Education and Training, Computer Science and IT, Business and Management and Art, Design and Architecture.

Johns Hopkins University

This university enrolls over 24,000 full time and part time students across nine academic divisions each year. Students can choose from 260+ programs in humanities, arts, music, natural sciences and engineering. For online distance learning, the institution offers Applied Health Sciences Informatics, Applied Economics, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Communication, Applied Biomedical Engineering, Data Science and Energy Policy and Climate.

Ohio State University

Ohio State University ranked on US News & World Report Online Education for every distance education program. Their main focus is to serve as many as potential students as possible, who are unable to visit the campus. The same standard and quality of education is imparted to distant students as to the regular ones. They are provided with tools, resources and templates to support their academics.

Before enrolling in any university, make sure they are accredited, offer employment opportunities and enroll significant number of students in your choice of course, according to an article on Education USA.

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