4 Bars You Can’t Miss in Nashville’s Germantown

4 Bars You Can’t Miss in Nashville’s Germantown

Looking to overcome work woes or catch up with friends over a drink? Well, when it comes to Nashville, there is no shortage of bars. The drinks and music culture has been growing in the city, attracting an impressive number of travelers each year. In fact, 14.5 million people visited to Nashville in 2017 alone, according to figures released by Statista.

One historic neighborhood in Nashville is Germantown, which is dotted with cafés and restaurants and is a must visit for all, according to a blog post by US Local Guide. The area is also packed with a number of vibrant bars. Here’s a look at the best ones.

5th & Taylor

The aim of the restaurant is to bring back the times of American Sunday dinners, with a subtle hint of nostalgia. Oversized two way mirrors, raw interiors and warehouse windows dominate the décor. You can sip on a wide range of cocktails, beer and wine, including Grey Lady, Siesta, Belgian Raspberry, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. Make sure you reserve a table beforehand.

Germantown Café

With a fully stocked bar and fresh cuisine, this is one of the most popular pubs in Nashville. Take your pick from seasonal beers and classic martinis, while taking in the gorgeous skyline view. During happy hours and otherwise, the bartenders treat you to some of the best in-house drinks. Pair them with delicious brunches for a wholesome experience.

Cochon Butcher

This restaurant is a tribute to butchers and charcuterie shops. Pair fresh cut meat with curated cocktails and craft beer for a heavenly combination. Try their signature drinks like The Rik Slave, Butcher Hurricane, Blond Ale, Light Lager, Wheat Ale and Dry Cider. You can also relish sparkling, white, red and rose wines here.

Rolf and Daughters

High ceilings, gorgeous brick finish and a bustling ambience is what makes this Germantown café so popular. The fine dining set up is small but serves an impressive range of drinks and cuisine. One can savor Rose is in Bloom with Irish Whiskey, soda and a variety of tonics. Pair the drink with their Rogatoni Pasta or Pan Roasted Chicken for a heavenly meal.

Germantown is located north of downtown Nashville, so you can also visit music venues, sport arenas and museums later, according to an article on Doorsteps. So, while you are in this neighborhood, there will be no dirth of entertainment at any time.

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