5 Things You Don’t Want to Miss in Miami

5 Things You Don’t Want to Miss in Miami

Want to spend a weekend in Miami, the magic city? Bienvenidos a Miami, the city of gorgeous beaches, pulsating nightlife, adventures and wildlife, Cuban coffee and much more! You name it and Miami has it. This is the ultimate party city for grownups and the best place for adventure for children.

Take a look at the 5 thing you shouldn’t miss out on when you are in Miami.

South Beach

This should be at top of your to do list. Called SoBe by the locals, there is something for everyone here. Here are miles of white sand beaches, beach bars, restaurants and water sports facilities. It is arguably the best part of Miami. The art deco history of the city meets the nightlife for the younger generations here.

Little Havana

This is possibly the most vibrant part of the city. As the name might suggest, it is home to a large Cuban community. Take a walk down the main road and you’ll feel you’ve stepped into Havana itself. You’ll find great restaurants serving Cuban sandwiches, tailors to pick up classic guayabera shirts, cafés serving traditional coffee and mojitos. If you are visiting in March, don’t miss the annual street party here.

Wynwood Walls

This is one of the largest open art installations in the world. It was created in 2009 by the late Tony Goldman, who decided to transform the area into a giant open-air art gallery. Over 60 artists from 16 countries have brought the walls here to life. It is free for the public to explore. The street art covers a distance of several blocks, surrounding Wynwood Walls.

Jungle Island

This is an amazing place to visit with the family. It is an interactive zoo experience, with around 3,000 animals and 500 species of plants. You can get up close and personal with your favorite animals even feed some inhabitants. This sanctuary is a perfect antidote to the blazing Miami sun.

Miami Seaquarium

America’s oldest Oceanarium and one of the best places to visit in Miami, the Seaquarium is home to sharks, dolphins, turtles, crocodiles, sea lions, killer whales and many more. You never know, you might just spot Dory here! It is a great learning experience for kids and people interested in marine life.

Miami is famous for its beaches but has a lot more to offer. From exploring the culture and beaches to the nightlife, this city offers something for everyone and justifies the name “Magic City.” Just remember to plan your visit before you go, so you don’t miss out on the best of Miami.

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