5 Things to Tick Off from the Jersey Shore Bucket List

5 Things to Tick Off from the Jersey Shore Bucket List

Despite being the fourth smallest state in the US, New Jersey attracted 110 million visitors in 2018, leading to a whopping $44.7 billion in spending, according to figures released by New Jersey Tourism’s report named Tourism Economics.

Most tourist visiting New Jersey love to explore Jersey Shore, which is famous for its arcades, amusement parks and boardwalks and is a popular weekend getaway for New York residents, say a blog post by US Local Guide. Here’s a glimpse of the numerous fun activities at the New Jersey Shore.

1. Glass Blowing

Hot Sand is a famous glass blowing studio in Asbury Park. You can walk in and choose your own color and design and pick a glassblower. They offer a fun experience where you can melt silica rich sand and create your own glass blown products. It is a great activity that can be enjoyed by anyone above 4 years of age.

2. Aquarium Visit

The Jenkinson’s Aquarium at Point Pleasant is a family friendly place along the Jenkinson’s Boardwalk. Established in 1991, it houses multiple ocean animals like sharks, turtles and penguins. You can also see coral reefs and other marine species here.

3. Lobster Meals

Lobsters are a delicacy and you cannot visit New Jersey without trying this seafood. A few popular eateries in and around the Jersey Shore are Bahr’s Landing, Howard’s Restaurant and Langosta Lounge. You can savor all kinds of lobster dishes here including pizzas, rolls, salads, risotto, chowder and pies.

4. Warm Beaches

The best way to enjoy Jersey Shore is to relax at the beaches. There are private beaches, which are calm and serene. The public beaches here are lined with bars, pubs and restaurants. Visit Mantoloking Beach and Asbury Beach for the ultimate culinary experience.

5. Parasailing

At Belmar, you can float 500 feet above the Atlantic Ocean while enjoying the spectacular aerial view of the Jersey Shore, says an article on Vacation In Belmar. You can enjoy this activity for up to fifteen minutes. Most parasailing companies here are stringent about safety measures. So, enjoy parasailing without safety worries.

There are several options like going for a dolphin watching cruise or visiting the Cape May County Park and Zoo. If you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Jersey Shore gives you a warm welcome through the year. Do some quick research about the local entertainment options whenever you plan a visit to this wonderful destination.

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