5 Places to Visit in New Jersey

5 Places to Visit in New Jersey

New Jersey is famous for its rich heritage, culture and history. This state played an important role in American Independence and became the third state to join the union. New Jersey has something to offer for everyone, from its beaches, apple farms, state parks, museums and markets.

Here’s a look at top 5 places to visit in New Jersey.

1. Jersey Shore

The coast of New Jersey is unsurprisingly called the Jersey Shore. It is famous for its boardwalks with water parks, amusement park, arcades and other adventure sports. It is a popular vacation and weekend getaway for the residents of Pennsylvania and New York. It offers a host of local activities and shops with distinct materials.

2. Princeton

A guided walking tour of Princeton is sure to be memorable. The Princeton Cemetery, Battle Monument, Battlefield State Park and Cleveland Tower stand testament of this town’s historic role in the American Revolution and its architectural history. The Princeton University campus is beautiful, both for its wonderful architecture and surrounding greenery. Founded in 1756, Princeton University is spread across 1,600 acres. Don’t miss a visit to the Princeton University Chapel and the Art Museum located on the campus.

3. Newark Museum

Established in 1909, Newark Museum is famous for its Tibetan and African collections. The must-visit historic, Ballantine House is also a part of the museum. This museum offers an insight into the history and culture of the state of New Jersey. It is situated in Newark and can be easily reached via New Jersey Transit to Newark Broad Street or the Newark Light Rail to Washington Street.

4. Henry Hudson Trail

This is a 22-mile-long paved biking trail. It has a number of railroad lines that were used in the past. It is a great getaway for people with a love for nature and those who are trekking or biking enthusiasts. There are a number of streams and gardens that you’ll get to explore along this trail.

5. The Adventure Aquarium

This is a great place to visit if you are with your kids. It provides a perfect combination of entertainment and education. It houses over 8,000 semi-aquatic, freshwater and marine species and is situated in Camden.

When to Visit

New Jersey, lovingly called The Garden State, plays neighbor to New York City. It is known for its non-humid and scorching summers. Late Spring or Early Autumn are the best times of the year to visit New Jersey. You can relax by the beach side, visit national parks to get an insight into nature, roam through the cities or simply enjoy the offering on the boardwalk.

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