5 Classy Wine Bars in New York

5 Classy Wine Bars in New York

The grape, grape juice and wine industry of New York generates over $4.8 billion annually, according to an article by the New York Wine and Grape Industry. The figures clearly indicate Americans’ steady love affair with wine. In fact, one in four Americans, or 25% of the adult population, prefers it over any other alcoholic beverage. The state has a bevy of bars that let you relish some amazing blends. They are affordable and the flavors are melded well to complement your dinner.

In fact, having exotic or regular cocktails is a holiday tradition in New York, with bars remaining open till late at night, according to an article by US Local Guide. Here are our top recommendations to enjoy a bottle of wine in New York.

Brooklyn Winery

This is one of the most popular urban wineries, offering great discounts during happy hours. They produce award winning wines, with grapes sourced from vineyards located all across the country. Do try out their delicious Cabernet Sauvignon and unoaked Chardonnay for a refreshing experience.

Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar

This bar is known for its cozy ambience and praise-worthy wines at affordable prices. You can pick options from Austria or choose from the Arizona flavors. You can also savor white Burgundy and chilled reds here. If you want to enjoy a quiet evening with your loved one, this is definitely the place to be at.

Red Hook Winery

Wine can benefit mental health, promote healthy gut bacteria and increase longevity due to its high antioxidant content, according to an article on Healthline. With so many reasons to drink wine, you must definitely head over to this famous winery. Taste from 12 local blends, while soaking in the beauty of the Manhattan skyline.


The best time to visit this bar is during their happy hours. At dirt cheap prices, you can get half glasses of any three wines on their menu. There is more to drink here than just Malbec and Chardonnays. The waiters here are ready to help you with recommendations for a great wine-tasting experience.

Keuka Kafe

Here you can relish amazing wines from Spain, Italy and California. The café is small and humble but offers unique drinks from New York’s Finger Lake Region. The servers are happy to help you get the best of the familiar varieties available. The seafood, chicken wings and burgers here will win hearts too.

There is no such thing as a wine belly. In fact, you get a good serving of fruit with each bottle. Explore these cafés the next time you want to spend a night on the town in New York.

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