3 Exciting Things to Do on the First Weekend of the New Year 2022

3 Exciting Things to Do on the First Weekend of the New Year 2022

How we celebrate January 1 can set the tone for the next 364 days. It is a legal holiday in America and people indulge in exuberant glitz and glamour to usher in the new year. The 2020 celebration had a restricted crowd due to pandemic precautions with spaces reserved for first responders in ‘socially distant pods’. But 2021 can have full attendance at the Times Square magical Ball Drop event with fresh guidelines. It will be followed by iconic entertainment and live musical performances. For example, one must have a face mask, a fully vaccinated proof-card and a valid photo ID.

However, you do not have to brave the crowd and the cold this year. Consider watching the event on streaming channels. On the other hand, there are plenty of new ways to start off the year in good spirits. It is a weekend which offers an excellent chance to spend time with friends and family. The options are safe, cost-friendly, and peaceful. Here’s a look.

1. Visit a Nearby Park

This is a welcoming break from the hustle-bustle of the city. The most beautiful ones in New York are Central Park, Prospect Park, The High Line and Riverside Park that takes you far away from the city’s concrete structures into nature’s lap. Soak the warm winter sun while enjoying classic activities like biking, boat paddling in the lakes, clicking yourselves before art installations or taking a stroll along the statues, fountains, and monuments. No better to ring in the new year than some fresh air and sunlight for your well-being.

2. Take a Road Trip

While the world immerses in confetti cannons and firework displays, get behind the wheels to see where the road takes you. Cape Cod, Pacific Coast Highway, Olympic Peninsula, Red Rock Country, Blue Ridge Parkway and Brandywine Valley are a few of the top road trip destinations of the US. This inevitable carries risks but fret not. Minimize interactions with strangers, wash your hands twice after using public washrooms and ask for a hotel room that was unoccupied for three days at least before entering. Follow the mask and social distance restrictions as much as possible.

3. Organize Your Closet and Pantry

The new year is the perfect time to incorporate healthy habits. Getting your home together and cleaning the clutter is extremely useful for your mental health. It helps gain control over the environment, improves your mood and boosts your focus. Start small and stay consistent. This way cleaning does not become a compulsion after a while. It is a good stress buster and can calm your nerves. Label, categorize and make the most of the extra space to reset the pantry and closet. You are less likely to feel confused and depressed. Take rest and treat yourself to some cocktail or a fun movie for all the hard work.

Other meaningful ways to celebrate the weekend is to go for a hike, start a journal, apply fresh paints to the walls or invite friends over for a feast. Make sure to take the necessary COVID precautions to avoid infection spread.

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