Incredible Ways to Spend a Serene Day in Stone Harbor

Incredible Ways to Spend a Serene Day in Stone Harbor

Stone Harbor is a magical borough in Jersey Shore. It is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Intercoastal Waterway. The breathtaking beachfront has been alluring visitors for more than 70 years now. The powdery sands and local craft vendors add to its charm. You can also explore the budget-friendly spots including the diverse wildlife, sprawling universities, and scenic waterfronts and sanctuaries. It is a smaller town when compared to Avalon or Sea Girt and comprises roughly 800 residents yet receives a steady visitor influx during summers.

While many would say that the Jersey Shore has given in to commercialization, Stone Harbor yet remains untouched. But, you will still find fine eateries, luxury resorts, and stores for families to enjoy. This is an ideal option if you wish to enjoy a refreshing getaway far away from the crowd. Below are a few exciting things to do while you are here.

1. Book a Staycation

This is a great choice in a post COVID world. It saves the hassle of planning a vacation while still letting you head out for some fresh air. A staycation is affordable, safe, and does not involve elaborate planning. You can stay indoors and still ensure a positive change in your life from the monotony of quarantine. Pick a luxury boutique hotel with a wide range of accommodations and top-notch amenities along with an accessible location. Make sure the staff is friendly, polite, and attentive. Do check out the reviews before booking.

2. Visit Seven Mile Beach

The white soft sand and gentle turf make it a serene and peaceful place to visit. The beach is lifeguard protected and organizes swimming, surfing, sailing, and kayaking. Bird watching, lounging and simply walking along the waterline are other popular activities. You can check out the countless high-end restaurants and deluxe shopping destinations here. The area is less crowded and a perfect place to catch a sunset with your family.

3. Play a Golf Match

A multi-tiered mini golf course is located in the 95th and 96th streets in the downtown shopping district. The main theme here is dinosaurs and polar bears. There is no music blaring and it is a quiet and relaxed setting. Children especially are most likely to enjoy this place to the fullest. You can play at the terrace equipped with shades and spray mists of water. The difficulty level is ‘moderate’. So, anyone with minimum knowledge of Golf can make the most of their visit. Do check the timings and ticket prices online.

4. Take a Bicycle Ride

There are plenty of bike paths in and around Stone Harbor. The top ones include Belleplain State Forest, Cape Henlopen State Park, Parvin State Park, Killens Pond State Park, and Long Bridge Park. You will find properly designated lanes, especially on the second avenue that leads from the north to the south. Check the timings beforehand to see how long cycling is allowed at the broad walk. Pick a mountain or hybrid bike for a great adventure.

Stone Harbor is lovingly called ‘The Seashore at its Best’. The neat and clean roads, pleasant weather, and friendly locals make it a great place to spend a weekend. Do book your stay at the best hotel beforehand to get the best deals at affordable rates.

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