5 Must-Have Qualities of a Good Tour Guide

5 Must-Have Qualities of a Good Tour Guide

Tour guides can make or break your holiday. In fact, it is quite a big industry, employing more than 48,000 US adults as of May 2019, according to figures released by Statista. Without a highly skilled, educated and experienced professional, you might miss out on attractions. An expert guide is likely to provide an informative and engaging experience to each visitor. They will inspire travelers with their knowledge and make you want to return for more. So, if you are looking to hire a guide on your next trip, here are a few traits to check for.

1. Friendly and Fun

A perfect guide will know how to keep your spirits up with humor and ensure your tour isn’t becoming painfully monotonous, according to an article by US Local Guide. In fact, the right dose of charm and enthusiasm is ideal to cut down stress. Further, a less intimidating person can alleviate tension and increase the enjoyment quotient of the trip.

2. Good Communicator

The guide could be knowledgeable and charismatic but without the right communication skills, they might not be able to express all this knowledge or engage you with their information, according to an article by TrekkSoftGroup. So, they should be able to voice their thoughts clearly, pronounce words properly and deal with multiple people at once.

3. Knowledgeable

Before hiring a tour guide from a travel agency, check if they are local to the place. It can increase their odds of having in-depth knowledge and experience. They will be aware of the historical significance and facts about multiple landmarks and make them come alive for you. You are likely to receive accurate information too, which makes the experience worthwhile.

4. Punctuality

This is one of the most essential characteristics of a tour guide. In fact, being on time also shows how passionate and serious they are about the job. Ideally, the guide should be waiting for you at the meet-up location, instead of the other way round.

5. Strong Empathy

The tour might include people from different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities. Therefore, make sure the guide is able to respect the cultural differences. Further, they should be accommodating of children and senior citizens with special needs. It will help everyone enjoy the tour, and make for happy vacation memories.

Besides these, the tour guide should have great improvising skills, an outgoing personality and the ability to hold your attention. Ticking these off will help you have a memorable trip.

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