The Best American Cities Celebrating Halloween Just Right

The Best American Cities Celebrating Halloween Just Right

Did you know that Halloween traces its roots to an ancient Celtic festival? It is said that during the harvest season, people wore costumes and lit bonfires to scare evil spirits away. In the 21st century, it is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of the US.

In 2019, Americans planned to spend $2.6 billion on candy alone for the Halloween season, according to figures released by Statista. Almost 70% Americans wished to participate in pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and dressing up. In 2020, the festivities might not be as grand, but this does mean that we can’t celebrate one of the favorite American festivals. So, here are a few cities to travel to for a unique Halloween experience.

1. Nashville

Popularly known as Music City, Nashville is home to the best food joints and classic architecture, welcoming millions of visitors each year, according to an article by US Local Guide. However, come October and the city lights up with tons of Halloween events. One can enjoy a series of spooky celebrations hosted by local bands, with great food and groovy disco beats! Explore the most intriguing events for a good dose of spooky.

2. New Orleans

It is one of the oldest cities and lets you experience paranormal activities at their best. You can book a ghost tour or take part in the fun parades. Dress like a voodoo princess, blood thirsty bat, bandaged mummy, freaky priestess, witch or serial killer to give a serious fright. One can also learn about ghost culture and theories, which are highly supported by the locals.

3. Savannah

This city’s supernatural reputation makes it the most haunted destination in America. During Halloween, the place comes alive with haunted pub crawls, cemetery tours and visits to war-time forts. The Oatland Island Wildlife Tour is popular among kids, who can interact with costumed animals. In fact, there are a number of contests held solely for charity purposes.

4. Seattle

Over the years, Seattle has made a name for itself for hosting several devilish events, like the Halloween Carnival, Thrill the World, Squid Jig and Waterfront Trick or Treat. The festivities are marked by delicious food, photo booths, ghost parades, face painting, live music, carnival games and even self-defense classes for women. The ghostly ambience is created with props and lights for you to have a memorable evening.

The US has equal parts of charm and eeriness when it comes to Halloween, and both children and adults love to soak in the macabre madness, according to an article on Lonely Planet. To enjoy all things sinister, make sure to travel to at least one of these cities this October.

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