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Eck Services owner, Travis Eck, stumbled onto electrical and technician work in the 8th grade when an electrician working on his mother’s tanning bed asked if Travis could help him with another job. He’s been running Eck Services for 15 years, which now has three locations and 30 employees, providing commercial and residential electrical, plumbing, HVAC, agricultural, and water well service. Many people are let down when they hire professionals, so much so that they almost expect it. But Eck Services chooses quality technicians with, respect for your property, a professional attitude, and a passion for providing excellent work, so you are not only not let down by the work, but actually feel rewarded. There’s nothing like having a project or emergency handled without the headache! Our technicians always look and act professionally and provide service that is right the first time. When it’s fixed, it’s really fixed! We communicate clearly between staff and customers to ensure professionalism on our end and to give customers a sense of security. Hiring professional service doesn’t have to add to your troubles. Your property, and your peace of mind, is safe in our hands.

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