6 Iconic Nashville Foods to Eat Before You Die

6 Iconic Nashville Foods to Eat Before You Die

In 2018, Tennessee welcomed 119 million domestic visitors and generated over $50 million revenue, according to data released by Department of Tourism Development. The cities in this state offer remarkable entertainment options, which drive the numbers up each year. Be it music, culture or landmarks, the state is known for world class tourist experiences.

Nashville, in particular, got an abundance of historic edibles for every taste bud. Have a look at the best ones to try out.

1. Meat and Three

You get to pick meatloaf or ham and three other side dishes, from a list of collard greens, mashed potatoes or a variety of Southern specials. Pair it with sweet tea or corn bread for a delicious combination. If you wish to sip on classic cocktails too, head over to 5th & Taylor, Germantown Café or Rolf and Daughters, says a blog post by US Local Guide.

2. Bonuts

This is a lip-smacking combination of biscuits and donuts, which are deep fried in low-fat oil. This humble hybrid comes in an array of flavors, like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. It is one of the most loved snacks of the locals, usually savored with coffee.

3. Fish Sandwich

Fish fillet is well-cooked with peas, pickled onions, mustard, hot sauce and tartar sauce. It is stuffed in crisp white bread, which gives it an edge over its competitors. It is best enjoyed with coffee, soda or as a standalone. You can also pick up a fish burger, which is a good alternative.

4. Goo Goo Clusters

One of the finest American candy bars, Goo Goo Clusters are loaded with roasted peanuts, milk chocolate, marshmallows and caramel. It is a delicious treat and definitely responsible for a revolution in the candy scene. They are super tasty and nutritious, and loved by both kids and adults alike.

5. Buffalo Cauliflower

Cauliflower wings are dipped in buffalo sauce and covered with cornmeal crust. They are then deep fried with spices and served with sauces of your choice. You can pick from blue cheese fondue or Swiss cheese fondue for added flavor.

6. Chicken Liver Pate

Beyond the regular pizzas and burgers, this is something uncommon yet extremely sophisticated. The entire dish is cooked in bacon fat, brandy and shallots, and is high in folates and proteins. Pair it up with your favorite Martini or Sangria for a delicious meal.

The other must-try hearty dishes are biscuits & gravy, country ham and banana pudding, according to an article on Culture Trip. A trip to Nashville would be incomplete without digging into these food items.

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