5 Things to See at New York’s Grand Central Terminal

5 Things to See at New York’s Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is a shining example of New York’s glorious past. Annually, 216 million people visit this transportation hub and 60 million experience numerous events at the Vanderbilt Hall, according to figures released by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. In 1976, this station was declared a National Historic Landmark.

The station was opened to commuters in 1913 and is famous for its stunning interiors and for being one of the busiest stations in the world, according to an article by US Local Guide. If you are in Manhattan, you must visit the Central Terminal to see the following attractions.

1. Whispering Gallery

Beside the Grand Central Oyster Restaurant, the low ceramic arches are made of Guastavino tiles. This creates an acoustical phenomenon and lets you talk to anyone at the opposite corner. Stand near the wall and whisper something and you will be heard right across on the other side.

2. Grand Central Market

This European style food market is known to witness footfall of 10,000 every day. It sells fresh produce, treats and pastries and tons of gourmet ingredients. There are 13 local vendors, who also offer pre-cooked food. The gourmet dishes include 400 types of cheese and meats, and 160 varieties of seafood.

3. Information Clock

The opal Booth Clock is valued at $20 million and is synchronized to the atomic clock in the US Naval Observatory in Bethesda. There is also a window present, catering to 1,000 questions each day. The Tiffany Clock is also worth noticing, since it is the largest Tiffany glass in the world. It is 48 feet high and is embedded in a 1,500 ton statue.

4. Campbell Apartment

Here, you must relish their signature drinks, like Prohibition Punch and Kentucky Ginger. The bar is home to Florentine inspired designs, original millwork from John Campbell’s times, hand painted ceilings and century-old leaded glass windows.

5. Architecture

The Main Concourse is filled with 12 paintings of constellations in gold leaf, along with 59 LED illuminated stars. There are plenty of acorn and oak leaf details at the top of the Booth Clock and light fixtures all over. The station underwent a $118.3 million renovation in 1998, cleaning the murals off the half-inch cigarette grimes, according to an article on Architectural Digest.

Grand Central is also home to countless casual and fine dining outlets, retail stores and specialty food shops. Programs like Bear Stearns Squash Tournament of Champions, Holiday Light Show and Gift Fair and Hallo Weekend keep the crowd entertained throughout the year.

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