5 Interesting Ways to Celebrate Fourth of July at Home

5 Interesting Ways to Celebrate Fourth of July at Home

The Fourth of July marks the political separation of the 13 North American colonies from Great Britain. This day commemorates the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. It is the most important celebration for all Americans since it marks the day when the American dream was born. But amid a pandemic, 56% of citizens stated that they are planning to celebrate in 2021 with a cookout, a barbeque or picnic, according to figures released by Statista. Traditions and cultures continue to change. However, the desire to spend time with friends and family is constant. So, if you wish to celebrate a quarantine on July 4, have a look at a few simple yet fulfilling ways to show patriotic pride.

1. Delicious Food

No celebration is ever complete without scrumptious food. You can pick a red, blue and white menu for Independence Day. One of the best in New Jersey is Foodini’s Catering. They are a unique catering and delivery company, well-experienced to serve at all casual events, says US Local Guide. Get meals delivered at your doorstep to skip cooking for a day. You can also check out other drop-off restaurants city-wise.

2. Light Sparklers

New York City hosts extraordinary firework shows every year. You could also arrange a small display in the backyard. This is ideal for families with kids. However, do check your state’s rules and regulations beforehand. Follow the safety tips for ultimate fun.

3. Make Donations

This is an ideal occasion to indulge in charity. Check out NGOs online that are committed to helping the needy. You can also ensure financial freedom to the young family members or deposit some amount in scholarship funds or children’s charities, according to an article by Forbesg. Investing in your community today can largely benefit the nation as a whole.

4. Netflix Documentaries

Netflix is packed with historical movies and documentaries. Find the best ones that depict how America rose and evolved over the years. Pick themes like American Revolution to learn about a particular period. You can also watch the patriotic events on the TV, broadcasted nationwide on this day.

5. Hoist The Flag

The stars and stripes represent American pride since 1777. Show your national spirit by raising the flag in your garden or terrace. Tie it at the bottom and then pull up. You can also sing or play the national anthem in the background in honor of liberty.

You can also wear American flag shirts and have a small July 4-themed painting session with a few friends. These are the safest and most ideal way to mark the celebrations.

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